How to be the best wedding witness?

February 23, 2023

To be chosen as a witness is a real honor.
But between helping with the ceremony, supporting the bride and organizing surprises,
it's not easy! Discover all our advice to be voted best witness!

Witness color dress

Do you have the honor of being chosen as the bride's best man , but don't know how to go about it? Do not give way to panic! To help you live up to its expectations, LAMUSÉE Paris gives you valuable advice.

Your colorful dress to match the theme

D-Day is approaching and you still haven't found your outfit? No worries ! LAMUSÉE Paris has just released a New Color Collection , with pretty ethical pieces. Bold patterns, bright colors and original cuts so that each witness will find what they are looking for. But how do you find the perfect look? Above all, whether it's a themed wedding or not, make sure you stay tuned between witnesses . By choosing the same colored piece or the same print for a nice harmony. Dress, set or combination, once the perfect outfit has been chosen, adjust it to your measurements. Thanks to the half-measure , LAMUSÉE Paris offers you to alter your model to perfectly highlight your silhouette!

And for a unique look, don't forget the accessories !

Unwavering support from a stressed bride  

Between reception room, meal, list of guests without counting the choice of the wedding dress, the organization of a wedding is not easy. So we let you imagine the stress of the bride on D-Day… It is at this precise moment that your role as witness comes into play! Accompany her throughout the day and give her your unwavering support during the final preparations, at the hairdresser, and even the make-up artist. The most important thing is that she takes advantage of this unique, stress-free day, while you deal with the slight unforeseen events that could be invited to the party!

Even if the role of witness is fascinating, don't forget to enjoy the evening!

Moving speech and onion surprises for a successful ceremony

Being a wedding witness is almost like being a wedding planner! Between helping to organize the ceremony, surprises and moving speeches, your role is not easy. Although the bride and groom decide how the reception will unfold, nothing prevents you from including little surprises... Mini games, shows or songs for the more daring, will bring pep to the evening, while the bride and groom will be delighted with this delicate attention.
Speaking of attentions, what would a successful ceremony be without the famous speech of the witnesses ? It's time to thrill the bride and groom! Take out your most beautiful pen and retrace all your memories lived with them, through anecdotes and a touch of humour...

And There you go ! You are ready to be the best witness !

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