Custom made

From the idea, born of your imagination, to the dress worn on D-Day:
it is now possible to create your dress from A to Z with L'Amusée!

L'Amusee now offers you fully tailor-made models to meet all your desires. 

Because we think your wedding dress should look like you, because we think you should feel perfectly good in it and because we want to fulfill all your wishes for this beautiful day, we have decided to offer you even more freedom by creating from A to Z your future wedding dress.

Tell us about your ideas, your desires, your dreams and create in close collaboration with our stylist Claire, our model maker Emmeline and our seamstress Alexandra the dress so hoped for, so much you!

How does it happen ?
1/ Make an appointment with us here: .
You will discover our work and discuss with us about your project.
2/ Have you decided? Will you develop your dress with us?
Make a second appointment here: .
For 2 hours Claire will discuss, draw and begin to imagine the dream dress with you.
Choice of materials and main cuts, development of drawings, definition of requirements, implementation of the development schedule and study of the budget.
This appointment will allow you to put in place the necessary bases for the development of your dress.
3/ Is the drawing validated?
On a new date, you'll try on a first draft of your dress (called a "canvas"). Made in cotton by our seamstress Alexandra from the pattern previously created by our model maker Emmeline from the validated drawing.
This canvas will allow you to define whether the imagined shape suits you and to see more precisely the desired finishes and details.
4/ The canvas is perfect and the details and adjustments are decided?
We will then begin the realization of the model in the right materials.
First without finishing, to make the adjustments to your body, then all the finishing touches will gradually arrive over the appointments until your dress is finalized (count between 2 and 4 appointments for this step)
How far in advance?
Ideally we need seven months to a year to serenely create the model from the first appointment (where we discuss the project), until the last (during which you leave with THE dress).
The budget ?
We make tailor-made models for ceremonial dresses.
It is necessary to count a budget comprised on average between 2500€ and 4500€ (to be defined according to the complexity of the model, the materials and accessories chosen).
For a custom-made civilian dress, contact us here, so that we can discuss the project.

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