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Mieux connaitre l'Amusée

  • Concept ?

    For work or vacation, for cocktails or galas, for bridesmaids or best man; for every day, evenings or weddings, and of course, for brides: the goal that the Amusee has set itself is to offer a dress for all occasions. Each model is made to order and can be modified according to your wishes. Colors, measurements and shapes are thus fully customizable.

    L'Amusée is a brand in tune with the times that favors natural fabrics, manufacturing made in France and an online sales system thanks to which tailor-made dresses, designed especially for you, are offered at lower prices. righteous.

  • What is the half measure?

    The half measure is the fact of designing your dress from a pre-existing model. We make changes that make it unique, customization in a way. You can thus "personalize" a dress by changing its color, its fabric but also its measurements and even its shape... The only constraint: starting from a model from the collection.

    For convenience only certain modifications are offered on the eShop (fabric and a limited choice of colors), but it is quite possible to make other modifications remotely by contacting the Amused. An email exchange will allow the designer to offer you a model that meets your desires, which you will be able to try thanks to a postal exchange device.

    To benefit from the half measure, it is also possible to make an appointment at the Showroom workshop.

  • How to benefit from the half measure by correspondence?

    Only certain modifications are offered on the eShop (fabric and a limited choice of colors), but it is quite possible to make other modifications remotely by contacting the Amused.

    To benefit from this service, do not forget to tell us your size, the desired model, the desired fabric, the color as well as the desired modifications by contacting us here . The designer will send you her proposal as soon as possible. If this proposal catches your attention and you wish to try on the prototype, a deposit corresponding to the price of the dress shipped will be requested. If the model does not ultimately give you satisfaction, it will be possible to cancel the process and obtain a refund against return of the prototype.

    For these other changes (measurements, shapes and for any fabric or color not offered directly on the eShop), a remote solution is offered by the Amused. An email exchange with the designer will determine your needs and a first quote that meets your desires. If fittings are necessary, a prototype of the unmodified initial model will be sent to you by parcel. Following the fitting of this prototype and a precise feedback from you (description, photos), the designer will then complete your quote.

  • How do I take my measurements?

    A doubt about the size to choose?

    Tell us your measurements in the comments when ordering. We will choose the most suitable size for you.

    Measurements to give:

    - chest circumference (at the tip of the breasts)

    - waist circumference (at the thinnest part of your belly)

    - hip circumference (at the widest part of your body, buttocks included)

    - for pants, thigh circumference (at the widest point)

    - for pants, calf circumference (at the widest point)

    - for pieces with sleeves, biceps turn (arm bent)

  • Is there a Showroom? Where is it situated ? How to make an appointment?

    To meet the Amuseum team who will help you develop your model and to try on a dress, appointments are offered at the Showroom workshop located at 77 rue des archives, Paris 3rd (hall C) . Appointments are made directly online: Make an appointment.

    In order to prepare for the interview, don't forget to tell us the desired model(s) and your size.

  • Is it possible to offer an Amused dress?

    It is quite possible to offer a Amused dress.

    If you wish to offer this gift, three options are possible:

    -> we develop the dress together remotely by exchanging by email without the person to whom you intend to offer this gift being aware in order to offer him the finalized dress

    -> we develop this dress remotely by exchanging by email with the person to whom you intend to offer this gift so that they can participate in the different choices and create their own dress

    -> we can organize an appointment at the workshop during which the person to whom you intend to offer this gift can try on the parts and decide on the desired adjustments.

    In all cases, a symbolic present can be given to you in order to have a gift to offer if you wish.

  • What are the shipping times?

    All Amusee dresses are designed by our Parisian seamstresses, and making to order requires some delays. If there are sometimes good surprises, the dresses are most often shipped 2 to 4 weeks after the order depending on the season. In case of shorter requirements, contact us.

  • Is it possible to return an Amused dress?

    If unfortunately your dress does not give you complete satisfaction, don't worry, unmodified Amusee products are fully refundable for fifteen days after receipt of the model.

    For models that have undergone modifications, different refund conditions apply. Contact us.

  • How do I take care of my Amusee dress?

    For all Amusee dresses in lace and silk, we recommend dry cleaning at the dry cleaners.

    For models in cotton, viscose and polyester (without lace), delicate machine cleaning can be carried out. (30 degrees and less).

    Be careful, colored dresses can rub off. Prefer a separate cleaning.

  • Why does the Amuseum not offer discounts?

    The Amuseum is a responsible company. Made in France, fabrics of choice, the most transparent and fair prices possible. For each product, the margins are calculated very precisely in order to offer quality dresses at contained prices. This implies constant prices throughout the year (no sales) and the impossibility of applying discounts. If it is unusual and it may seem surprising, it is indeed an attitude that aims at more transparency aimed at our customers... In case of financial difficulties, remember to ask if he does not It is not possible to choose a more accessible fabric.

  • I'm not comfortable with the idea of ​​not wearing a bra. What solutions do you offer for backless dresses?

    Some dresses offered by the Amused have deep back necklines which is not always compatible with wearing conventional underwear. Don't panic, new brands are offering "invisible" underwear, including: Back to Glam , Fashion Forms and many others.

    The half measure can also allow you to skillfully hide your bra. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

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