Virtual fitting

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from 35€

Unable to come to us?
Never mind, we come to you!
The puzzle of trying on away from home is over.

The Amusement makes your life easier!
We offer you a unique experience: the virtual fitting.
How it works ?
1/ Order a virtual fitting (the prices correspond to the cost of sending the prototypes back and forth)
2/ Indicate in the comments of this order the models and the size you wish to try (our prototypes are only available in T36 and 42 but we will make sure to choose the size closest to yours)
3/ We will send you a link for the payment of a deposit corresponding to 50% of the value of the products sent (this deposit will of course not be taken from your account and will not block your ceilings)
4/ Make an appointment via the link we will have sent you to make a fitting via Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp with one of our sales consultants (approximately one hour appointment)
5/ You will receive an estimate for each model tried with the different adjustments desired
6/ You return the package to us the day after the fitting via the return slip in the package.
7/ Upon receipt of the models l The deposit will be fully released.
After that ?
You want to order ?
1/ We will send you an invoice with a link for the payment of the chosen dress. The model will be sent a few weeks later (deadline to be defined according to your requirements, the model selected and the adjustments to be made).
2 / Fittings and adjustments (if necessary) will also be done remotely thanks to back and forth of the model.
The Amused is now everywhere in France and invites itself to your home ;)

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