Style and customization advice; wear your ceremony dress

June 01, 2022

Having both a ceremonial dress and a day dress is now possible!
Thanks to LAMUSÉE Paris, customize your ceremony dress and wear it,
for irresistible looks.

Wear your ceremony dress

Why wear your formal dress once when you can wear it forever? With LAMUSÉE Paris, customize it after your wedding to transform it into a day dress. Going from a long to short skirt, or even from a white to colored piece, anything is possible! All for a more casual outfit that really looks like you.

Customize your formal dress for a day dress

Who said that a ceremony dress should only be worn on the wedding day? At LAMUSÉE Paris, we break the codes! Because wearing your ceremonial dress on a daily basis will immerse you in unforgettable memories, we now allow you to customize it. Length, cut, color, everything is customizable according to your tastes. So say goodbye to the overly chic and sophisticated side and opt for a more casual style, to wear on small or big occasions. All for a nice gesture for the planet, while your silhouette will be highlighted in an outfit that is close to your heart.

Discover the entire Ceremony Collection .

How is the customization of your ceremony dress going?

That's it, you finally said YES to your loved one. Do you now want to customize your ceremony dress to wear it again? With LAMUSÉE Paris, it's possible! All you have to do is make an appointment in our showroom, in low season, so that we can devote as much time as possible to you. Style and personalization advice, we are here to make your formal dress a pretty piece to wear every day. Because we want to make your life easier, once all the modifications have been made, we will send your model directly to your home!

To find out more, do not hesitate to con tact us .

Mismatch your model for ever more irresistible looks

Does your set suit you perfectly and you don't want to transform it? To postpone it, think about mismatching it! La Douce , La Rayonnante , or L'Évaporée with delicate lace tops that go perfectly with jeans and pretty white trainers. All for a look that is both casual and irresistible. While the pants of your ceremony set will go perfectly with a more casual top without losing its elegance.
Can't mismatch your outfit because it's a dress? Thanks to our customization service, you can now detach your top from the bottom after your wedding!

Ceremonial dresses to mismatch:
L'Évaporée and its lace top to wear in a more casual outfit.
L'Aventurière with a bustier top and wide pants to match in a pretty colorful outfit.

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