Civil marriage ; the trendy dresses that you will love to wear!

March 11, 2022

For a remarkable arrival at the town hall, what could be better than a trendy civilian dress?
Princess, bohemian and even rustic, discover the favorite dresses of our brides.

Civil wedding dress

Because on this unique day, it is important for you to wear the dress of your dreams, LAMUSÉE Paris offers you trendy civilian dresses for all styles. Princess, bohemian chic or even rural, you will necessarily find your happiness there!

Dare to wear a princess dress even for a civil wedding!

Do you want to get married in a real princess dress even at the town hall? On this unique day, say yes to all your desires! Long, short, fluid and even tutu-like, at LAMUSÉE Paris, we offer a wide range of civilian dresses specially created for our modern-day princesses.

Princess dresses :
La Pétillante , an elegant long dress with a bare back with delicate lace inserts.
L'Ingénue , civilian dress with a pretty bare back and tutu-style tulle skirt for maximum volume!

Lightness and elegance, the bohemian chic civil dress

Wedding in the heart of nature and decorated in bright colors, the bohemian chic theme is made for you! Under the sign of freedom, elegance and cheerfulness, find the civilian dress you need. Fluid, graceful and with refined lace, fall for one of the “boho-chic” models from LAMUSÉE Paris.

Bohemian chic dresses :
La Coquette , civilian outfit with a lace top, for a nice play of transparency in the back.
La Fringuante , short civilian dress with a bare back edged with delicate floral lace.

Country-style civil dress for a wedding in the heart of nature

Lovers of the countryside, are you opting for a rural civil wedding with a springtime and friendly atmosphere? Excellent choice, you just have to find THE civilian dress ! Fluid and light with fine embroidery, pearls and delicate lace, LAMUSÉE Paris offers a wide range of country-style dresses. Want to stand out? Getting married in white is not compulsory! Off-white, beige and cream are colors with soft shades ideal for a country dress .

Country civilian dresses :
L'Étourdie , trouser set and its feather top revealing the back nicely.
L'Émotive , baby doll dress with delicate lace.

Simple civil dress, for a simple wedding

Because only the presence of your loved ones accounts, you want a wedding in all simplicity? Don't worry about your wedding dress ! Opt for a civilian dress with simple, sober and refined cuts.

Simple civilian dresses :
La Délicieux , in a “baby-doll” spirit with a pretty bare back.
The Attractive , long slip dress with side slits.

Want to stand out? Opt for an original civilian dress!

Cuts, materials or even colors, everything is possible! At LAMUSÉE Paris, there are many original civil dresses to impress all your guests. Do you want a unique and even more original civilian dress ? It's possible ! Thanks to the half-measure , each model is customizable according to your tastes.

The original civilian dresses :
L'Inventive , together with the satin shirt, for a nice game of transparency.
La Palpitante , in the spirit of the 1950s, with delicate transparent plumetis.

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