Wedding - When to choose your wedding dress?

October 24, 2018

   That's it, the date of the big day is set! But between the rental of the room, the caterer, the announcements…you are a little lost in the organization. How far in advance should I start shopping for dresses?

In couture as in love, finding the dress of your dreams is often a matter of good timing! Our designer's advice? “If you want to allow yourself the time to try on in several shops and customize your wedding dress with peace of mind, I recommend starting the search 8 months before! ".

We help you see things more clearly.

8 months before: try, try, try

Before your dates , think about the location, the season, and the overall style you want your wedding to have. These elements will help you stay the course in the face of the wave of models.

This is also the time to choose the happy few who will accompany you during the fittings. Don't be too many. Too many opinions, kill the opinion!
Finally, keep an open mind. Try several styles. You may be disappointed with the dress you dreamed of. Conversely, a model that you hadn't thought of could suit you perfectly!

6 months before: it's time to choose

The crush has taken place, you are ready to order your ceremonial dress . Before taking the big step, ask yourself these two questions:
-> Are you comfortable? Wear the dress for several minutes to make sure nothing gets in the way and you can move around in it. Sit down, walk, dance!
-> Did you take the time to examine the dress well? To avoid disappointments on D-Day, check the color of the fabric in natural light and identify any transparencies.

From 6 to 2 months before: touch-ups & co

The realization of a ceremonial dress requires several alterations to adjust it perfectly to your morphology. We recommend at L'Amusee four fitting sessions, included in the prices of our ceremony line . Take advantage of the intervals between each fitting - about a month - to choose:
-> Shoes : remember to bring them for the first or second meeting so that we can adapt the length of the dress to the height of the heels.
-> Underwear : so you can try them on with the dress during a fitting and make sure nothing sticks out.

2 months before: complete!

Your wedding dress is ready, you now have two months to complete your outfit in complete serenity: hair, make-up, jewellery, veil... Soon all you have to do is say yes!

SOS I'm late:

Do not panic ! By tightening the time between fittings and picking up the dress shortly before your wedding, we can complete a formal dress in three months.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

Article written by Maria Paula Ordonez (

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