What budget for my wedding dress?

May 05, 2021

Panic on board, the wedding is approaching, expenses are increasing, you are starting to feel overwhelmed...
How to find the dress of your dreams at a low price?

Organizing your wedding is a unique and magical event, but one that requires a significant cost. Rest assured, it is possible to succeed in saving costs, especially on your wedding dress, without skimping on THE symbolic outfit for the most beautiful day of your life. LAMUSÉE Paris gives you its best tips for an inexpensive and equally sublime wedding dress !

The trick of the 2-in-1 dress or how to kill two birds with one stone

Are you planning a civil wedding as well as a religious wedding ? Choose the 2-in-1 dress to change your style in a flash (promise your guests won't see anything). Practical and advantageous, the 2-in-1 dress can be modified according to your desires and your needs: rather short for the civil wedding and long for the official ceremony? You choose !

2-in-1 wedding dresses by LAMUSÉE Paris: The Exuberant

Choose less expensive materials

Of course, a wedding dress designed only from handmade silk muslin or Calais lace will be directly accompanied by a pretty cachet. Good news ! Thanks to half-measures at LAMUSÉE Paris, you can choose less expensive materials such as cotton or polyester which, in addition to being financially attractive, have the advantage of being super easy to maintain. A special mention for the cotton which is also very breathable, so perfect for summer weddings!

A dress you like but does not fit into your budget? Do not hesitate to contact us , our advisers will be happy to think about options to adapt to your constraints!

Opt for a more discreet and less extravagant dress

Strass, embroidery, lace, pearls and co, the more details there are, the higher the cost will be. That's good, at L'Amusee we really like wedding dresses with clean lines and simple construction. We therefore offer a number of dresses that reduce costs while guaranteeing the “wow” effect. In this case, do not hesitate to play the card of accessories to customize your dress at a lower cost. At the showroom we offer a nice choice of flower crowns, hats and other jewelry!

Our selection of inexpensive wedding dresses : The Radiant // The Attractive

Prefer half-measure to made-to-measure

Your wedding is still the most beautiful day of your life (just that!). So yes, being careful is good but the main thing is to have fun. And what better way to do that than half measures ? At LAMUSÉE Paris, this is what we offer you: a creation that can be adapted to everyone's desires. You adjust the details according to your criteria and preferences but the initial model remains predefined. Result: a personalized and unique dress , but always in line with your budget. We don't know about you, but we say YES!

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