Which wedding dress for my morphology?

January 29, 2019

Choosing a wedding dress can be a real headache. Wave of shapes, fabrics, brands… Where to start? Knowing your morphology is one of the best ways to reduce the field of possibilities and not make a mistake on D-Day!
Civil wedding dress - ceremony
It's well known that you won't have time to try on every conceivable style of wedding dress in one sitting. It is therefore better to know in advance its morphology and the shapes that flatter it to target these dresses as a priority. For that, nothing could be easier! It's all about drawing attention to your strengths and deflecting it from your little flaws. We explain how.

A-shaped morphology

The A-line silhouette is very feminine with a slim waist, small chest, narrow shoulders, wider pelvis and thighs. Bet on the upper body with a model of dress fitted and elaborate on the bust and favor simple and fluid skirts to conceal the curves of the bottom.
The LAMUSÉE Paris selection:
For a civil wedding dress : The timeless, The Radiant
For a ceremonial dress : La Poétique , La Pétillante

V shape

The V-shaped silhouette is sporty: broad shoulders, a generous chest but more discreet hips and buttocks. To soften the build, choose fluid materials at the top and flesh out the hips. Above all, do not hesitate to show off your legs, they are your great asset!
The selection of LAMUSÉE Paris:
For a civil wedding dress : La Remarquable , The Intrepid
For a ceremonial dress : L'élégante, L'Affolante


Very common, the "H" silhouette is slender with shoulders and hips in the same alignment and a very little marked waist. To feminize the look and create the illusion of a waist, choose straight cuts with an empire or low waist.
The LAUSÉE Paris selection:
For a civil wedding dress : The Delicious, The Sophisticated
For a ceremonial dress : L'Irrésistible, La Singulière

Figure 8 morphology

Your curves are envious and your wasp waist makes more than one fall? In this case, sublimate your forms and do not try to hide them because you risk obtaining the opposite effect. Say goodbye to loose dresses that would puff you up and opt for low-cut models that are cinched at the waist. Mamma mia!
The LAMUSÉE Paris selection:
For a civil wedding dress :L'Éloquente, L'Irrésistible
For a ceremonial dress : La Captivante, L'Excessive

Morphology in X

Less voluptuous than the figure 8 silhouette, you are petite with a small chest, a slim waist and shoulders in line with the hips. You can afford almost anything, take the opportunity to dare more atypical models like our bridal jumpsuits or "crop-tops".
The LAMUSÉE Paris selection:
For a civil wedding dress :  The Charmer, The Enjoler
For a ceremonial dress : L'Aventurière , La Douce
Are you falling for a wedding dress that doesn't quite match your body type ? No disappointment, our half-tailoring system allows you to adapt any dress to your figure. Do not hesitate to ask the advice of our advisers who will be able to guide you!

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