Ethical wedding dresses and colorful pieces with LAMUSÉE Paris

July 22, 2022

For our beloved brides concerned about the environment, LAMUSÉE Paris is always more committed. Second-hand service, rental and even customization, you will inevitably find the ethical and responsible wedding dress of your dreams!

Eco-responsible wedding dress - ethical

This is not new, at LAMUSÉE Paris we are particularly concerned about the environment. We take advantage of every day to offer you the most ethical and responsible wedding dresses and colored pieces possible. And because we are constantly looking to improve, you are not at the end of your surprises!

LAMUSÉE Paris and its reasoned production

To protect the environment, at LAMUSÉE Paris, it seemed obvious to us to offer our brides the most ethical and responsible dresses possible. This by producing in a reasoned way, with quality materials;

  • Production to order ; each dress is made to order to avoid overproduction.
  • Fabrics from French suppliers ; with 80% French and 15% European lace.
  • Recycled polyester ; the LAMUSÉE Paris team is actively looking for the best recycled polyester for the next collection.
  • Upcycled accessories ; fabric scraps from your dresses are recycled to create bridal accessories.

Second hand and rental; because your LAMUSÉE Paris dress has several lives…

For our most environmentally conscious brides, LAMUSÉE Paris is doubling its efforts and offers you a second-hand or rental service.

Second hand :

Because we all have the right to a second chance, this is also the case with our wedding dresses. Arrival of a happy event, change of the date of the wedding or simply a desire for another dress, they are always in very good condition and sometimes new. This at very low prices with reductions ranging from 50% to 70% of the initial price, for the luckiest. So don't hesitate! Find the civil dress or ceremony of your dreams while making a gesture for the planet.

The second color hand is coming soon! Stay connected!

Lease :

The wedding date is approaching and you still don't have your civil or ceremony dress ? Do not panic ! Thanks to the Les Cachotières rental service, rent your civil or ceremony dress at a very low price. A way to avoid overproduction and to have your wedding dress in a shorter time, since it is already made!

Your wedding dress to wear every day

At LAMUSÉE Paris, it's a pity that your civil or ceremonial dress ends up tucked away in the back of a closet. Extend the magic by wearing your dress every day! With a bridal ensemble, nothing could be simpler, mix it up with casual pieces for a laid-back look.

For our brides wishing to wear their civil or ceremony dress , LAMUSÉE Paris offers a new style and customization advice service. In the year following your wedding, our sales consultants welcome you in low season, from October to December, for 1 hour, to transform your dress into a daytime outfit. Separate the top from the bottom, shorten the skirt or the sleeves and even dye the model, everything is possible!

Contact us to schedule your customization appointment.

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