Second hand form

Do you want to give new life to your model while making the happiness of a future bride?
You are in the right place 😉

Here is the process:

1- Fill in the form below and define a sale price for your model (we recommend 50% of the purchase price).

2- Return your cleaned L'Amusée model(s) to us that you wish to resell.

3- We will make an inventory of the parts and send you a second-hand contract with the details of the inventory to be completed and signed.

4- We take pictures of the parts and put them online on our site. If you have nice photos of your dress in situation, do not hesitate to put them in the box provided for this purpose in the form below.

5- When the model is sold, we pay you the amount of the model - 20% management costs (reception, storage, posting, fittings or future shipments, etc.)

If you no longer wish to sell your model on the L'Amusee site, it is possible to recover it at any time. In this case, L'Amusée will ask you €40 for management costs (reception, storage, posting, fittings or sending of the model...). You should also know that the costs of the return package will be at your expense in this case.

If all this suits you, do not hesitate to fill out the form to confirm the shipment of your part(s).

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