Big size ; Find the perfect dress to enhance your curves

January 26, 2022

Because feeling sublimated in your wedding dress is essential...
Discover our Large Size Collection for all body types!

Thin, round, petite, or tall, whatever your morphology, the dress remains the symbol of femininity par excellence. For special occasions, you will find the one that will enhance your curves and curves through the large size LAMUSÉE Paris collection . A way to gain self-confidence while expressing your personality.

Good in her dress, good in her body

Who said a woman with curves had to hide them through loose, black clothes? No more received ideas! Your curves make you unique and it is important to enhance them. Wearing a dress is the best way to express your femininity, emphasize your shapes and attract all eyes. At LAMUSÉE Paris, there are many cuts adapted to each morphology, in order to feel comfortable and yourself. Bare backs, necklines, long or short, once you have found the ideal dress, you won't be without it!

The LAMUSÉE Paris dress for all occasions

Wedding, ceremony, evening or even everyday, all occasions are good to wear a LAMUSÉE Paris dress. Looking for a sober, elegant and refined piece for your wedding, L'Affolante , or La Complice will suit you. While if you want to find a dress to wear every day, you will find what you are looking for among our wide range of brightly colored pieces , whether plain or patterned.

Discover our 2022 collection of ceremonial dresses with La Pétillante , La Distinguée , or La Baratineuse .

The half measure to sublimate you

It's no secret that as a round woman, acquiring new pieces can quickly become a challenge. For this, LAMUSÉE Paris offers you to adjust your dresses using half measures . Beyond our wide range of sizes, we have the possibility of adapting them to your silhouette, in order to emphasize your curves and highlight your curves. Colors, fabrics and other details may also be changed. All for a dress that looks like you, and always in line with your budget. So don't hesitate any longer!

Discover the benefits of half measures here .

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