Made to measure / Half measure, what is the difference?

January 08, 2019

 Often used indiscriminately, these terms are nevertheless increasingly used, especially by wedding dress professionals. LAMUSÉE Paris helps you see more clearly so that you know exactly what to expect!

Tailor-made wedding dress - half measure

These names, we have all heard them at least once. We all pretty much know what they mean. But not really. Back to basics.

Tailor-made :

Also called "large measure", made-to-measure characterizes the creation of a garment from scratch. For a wedding dress , this means that the seamstress or stylist draws a model for you that has never existed before. You have complete freedom to choose whatever comes to mind.

Benefits :
-> You create a unique wedding dress
-> Your model is perfectly adapted to your morphology
-> Your made -to-measure dress is made by hand and is therefore generally of good quality

-> A production time that is difficult to compress, generally between 6 and 10 months.
-> A high price

The half measure :

Half-measurement is the mode of manufacture that we offer at LAMUSÉE Paris. You design and customize your dress from a pre-existing model. We deliver a model perfectly adjusted to your morphology, in the fabric of your choice and with all the desired personalized configurations: color, depth of the neckline, length of the sleeves and the skirt...

Benefits :
-> You create a wedding dress to your liking
-> Your dress is perfectly adapted to your morphology
-> A more attractive price than made-to-measure

-> You have to start from a pre-existing model
-> There is a production time: at LAMUSÉE Paris, it takes 4 weeks for the Colored Line dresses and between 3 and 6 months for the wedding dresses.

The ready-to-wear :

The term " ready-to-wear " includes all mass-produced pieces in standard sizes and colors. These are the clothes sold in stores by most brands.

Benefits :
-> An interesting price
-> Speed: the garment is literally ready to be worn

-> Your garment has a predefined cut which does not always fit perfectly.
-> It cannot be customized
-> The part is produced in series and your copy is far from being unique.

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